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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

From the moment I called the office of Murrells Inlet Dentistry, I have been extremely pleased with their service. Dr. Dietz has been a gentle, caring dentist with my two grandsons, age 9 and 13. She takes her time to explain exactly what she is going to do, and involved them in every step of the procedures she does. Her assistants are equally as wonderful. They are caring and treated my grandsons like their own kids, talking with them and engaging them so that they were not at all anxious. The front office staff, specifically Sara and Lindsey, are extremely knowledgeable and helpful with insurance billing and explanation of charges. They went above and beyond to be sure all billing procedures and appointments were correct, and are extremely accomodating. My grandsons absolutely loved their dental experience with Dr. Dietz and her staff, and I would highly recommend Dr. Dietz and Murrells Inlet Dentistry. Sincerely, Faye Walker

"AWESOME EXPERIENCE Like no other Dental Practice"

Dear Dr. Todd, Dr. Shore and the entire staff. I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the truly OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE I recently had, and wanted to write this testimonial for you with hopes it will help you and other patients as well. You guys are simply the best, and I sincerely appreciate all the excellent work you did for me in so many ways as described below. Thanks a million! You have a patient for life! Thanks, Dave Peterson

"Do you like going to the dentist? (I surely did not!)"

Do you anticipate the pain and discomfort and put off dentist appointments like I have done in the past? (Yes, I admit it was true). Then, please continue reading this testimonial, which is 100% true and will be life changing for you as it was for me! First off, I rarely write testimonials as I expect good service, quality care, and most of all great expertise in any specialized field. Having been a retired professional myself - that is what was expected of me, and therefore what I come to expect now from other professionals.

We have tried over 4 different dentists and dental specialists in the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, SC, and none of them even came close to meeting our minimum expectations. Cleanings were painful and just boring, dental work was painful, and in multiple cases caused more problems than they fixed, and the staff about as unfriendly as you could imagine. get them in and get them out was their motto, then who's next?

When our dental surgeon, Dr. Jeanne Fourrier recommended we try a compassionate, caring, pain free, incredibly talented dental practice called Murrells Inlet Dentistry, the firs thing I thought is that is quite a distance from us, but I should give them a try, and WOW! Was I ever surprised! Honestly, it starts from the first phone call to make an appointment, they answer promptly are very courteous and you can tell they really care about you. The appointments are scheduled quickly and they follow up with personal reminders and often let you know they have any cancellations should you want to come in earlier. It does not stop there, when you drive into their standalone building and practice, you see nothing but cleanliness, I mean spotless from the bath room to the main lobby which has snacks and water, with TV's to watch, etc etc. I did not have to wait much at all and they called me back to have my 3 fillings done at once (since I was expecting lot's of pain and wanted to be done with it). When you walk in to the procedure room, you are seated on a 3 or 4 inch amazing foam type cushion (I asked where can I buy one of these???) that is body length in an already amazingly soft padded dental chair. I have never sat in anything so comfortable in my life! Next, beside your chair is a small TV monitor just for you and it has the soothing ocean flowing back and forth to relax you. Incredible so far!

Then come in the professionals, you are greeted in this case by Renee the technician who reviewed everything with me, got me comfortable, and answered any questions. Next comes in Dr. Shore who was very friendly and wanted to make sure everything was a-ok. He then proceeded to numb the areas that would be worked on, and this is a first time life experience: Renee has this super cool gadget called a distracter that she puts on the outside of your mouth where the numbing process takes place inside by Dr. Shore, and honestly, I never even felt a stick or any kind of pain what so ever. Dr. Shore has incredible precision as he only had to number each area once and got it done the first stick as well, amazing to be numbed without any pain at all, a first for me, I knew I had come to the right place. Next the state of the art equipment was second to none, that did everything for you and was very comfortable in your mouth while undergoing the procedure. It was like watching a symphony perform with perfect precision. Dr. Todd came in to greet me, explained what she would be doing and that her practice goal is not to hurt anyone or have them feel any pain throughout the entire procedure, and I thought that was just a formality. I never once experienced any pain for the two hours I was in the dental chair having three significant procedures done. Dr. Todd is so caring and talks to you the entire procedures to ensure you are in no pain, and that you are doing well the entire time. At the same time Renee the technician can anticipate the Dr's every move and it was then like watching a ballet performance. They all took their time to ensure my bite was perfect, that there were no issues like sharp edges from the fillings, even asked me what type of fillings I prefer and made recommendations on the pro's and con's based on the location etc.

Bottom line, is I have never had a dental experience that was pain free, with so much attention to the comfort of the patient and exceptional communication with professional quality care and skills. When you are there just be sure to take a look at some of the before and after pictures on the office and the video running on one of the TV's. These doctors perform literally works of art on some people that look like miracles occurred. I can say after two weeks later that I had no issues after the 3 procedures, and my teeth and bite have never felt better. I want to personally thank Dr. Todd, Dr. Shore, Renee, and the entire front office staff for always going the extra mile to give the best patient care with zero pain, in a wonderful clean and comfortable environment, truly run by dedicated professionals who make the day all about you. I encourage you to consider trying Murrell's Inlet Dentistry and see for yourself that there is a better way to care for your teeth by some truly incredible talented Dental Professionals, and you will never regret it based on my experience. I hope this helps other who fear the pain of dental work, and who demand getting good quality care. If so your search is over, give them a try, they are located at 4405 Highway 17 Bypass, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, and their phone number is 843-651-5557. I believe you will be truly amazed as I was!

Lastly, I receive no benefit at all for writing this testimonial, no compensation, nothing.... I only write this with the hopes of helping others who have experienced less than expected at various dental practices like I experienced as mentioned early on above.

Sincerely, Dave P, Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Going to the Dentist is not something you look forward to"

Oral surgery is not something that anyone looks forward to, I did not. However, I experienced it today at the capable hands of Dr. Todd and her assistant Renee. I was very nervous and expected pain but they both alleviated my fears and made me feel comfortable. They gave me nitrous oxide, a blanket and headset to help me relax. I felt no pain. I told them that I had a party while they worked on me and it was over before I knew it.

Dr. Todd is an excellent dentist and her staff are great and I know that I will be their patient for many years to come.

-Linda Delmonico

"Her staff is efficient and courteous"

The staff here in Dr. Todd's office have been efficient and courteous. From the hygienist, dental assistant and of course Dr. Todd my experience here has been exceptional. I have had four dentist's in two states and Dr. Todd is tops. Thank you.

-Jim Runion

"Dr. Todd made my smile alive again."

For the past 5 or 6 years I have been unhappy with my smile. Many teeth were discolored and I felt uncomfortable smiling. I finally decided to do something about it and I search out Dr. Todd. She was thorough and professional. I felt at ease with her. Her assistant was wonderful and very informative. Dr. Todd made my smile alive again. I am so happy with the finished result and I will recommend her to everyone. I hope that she uses me as a reference in the future.

-Gail Roderick

"You will just love her entire staff."

I need some essential dental work done and had to make sure that I found a good dentist, because I felt this may be my last chance to save my teeth. So, I did an internet search and found Dr. Todd. I was impressed with the web site and her experience in all areas of dentistry. I definitely found the right place. The building is attractive and everyone makes you feel great. I would recommend Dr. Todd to anyone having dental problems. She develops a plan to deal with the problems and lets you in on the plan and the cost beforehand. She is just a wonderful dentist and very personable. You will just love her entire staff.


"I can't thank her enough for the wonderful work."

I have had upper and lower implants done by Dr. Todd and her staff. It's been a long process- approximately 11/2 years, but it has been a rewarding experience with a very successful outcome. I am 79 years old and have played the trumpet since I was 10 and after my lip adjusted to the new teeth I play very well again. Dr. Todd has been very helpful during the long process. I can't thank her enough for the wonderful work that she has done. She is THE BEST


"Dr. Todd and her entire staff are a true asset."

The best dental experience one could imagine. Dr. Todd and her entire staff are a true asset to our community. Thank you.


"She strives to stay abreast of new practices and procedures."

My dentist since childhood retired about five years ago, which forced me to find a new dentist. My best friend recommended Dr. Barbara Todd. She always explains all procedures to me and has even come in early to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Todd and her entire staff are extremely professional and courteous. It is obvious from her displayed certificates and diplomas that she strives to stay abreast of new practices and procedures. Her staff is always friendly and eager to please. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Todd.


"It was like a new lease on life."

For 25 years I put off having a front bridge put in because I had a partial. After my bridge was placed in it was like a new lease on life. The prep work was done with care and very little discomfort. Dr. Todd and her whole staff from the administrative to her assistants are nothing but the best.


"I feel a lot more confident thanks to the job you did."

I wanted to thank you and your staff for coming through in my time of need. The time and care you spent on my procedure was outstanding and the end result showed. I feel a lot more confident thanks to the job you did. I am very thankful and I really appreciate it.


"I have received numerous compliments."

It has been at least 3 years since I had several crowns and bonding done on my front teeth and I have received numerous compliments on how nice they look. I recently attended a college reunion and was asked how I managed to have such white teeth at age 70. Dr. Todd has done a wonderful and artistic job on my teeth.


"Thank you for being a trustworthy, special dentist and person."

The time has come for me to tell you that it has always been a pleasure to visit your office. No matter how "uptight" I feel about a procedure, you and your staff always put me in a "distressed" mood of relaxation. Dr. Todd, your humming is the relevant factor that makes me forget everything (Smiles) I really appreciate the professional excellences of you and your staff. Skilled and expert mannerisms are demonstrated on all my visits. The tone is set as soon as I walk in. The kindness, courtesy, and friendly smiles of those on the front desk make me almost forget that I am in your office for DENTAL work! I have been a patient of yours for a very long time. Your long-term care has been the BEST! Thank you for being a trustworthy, special dentist and person.


"I have and will continue to refer friends."

After moving to Murrells Inlet 6 years ago, I needed to find a dentist. Even though my first visit to Dr. Todd's office revealed that I had 7 cavities; I found the office to be very professional and compassionate to my needs. A lot of people hate going to the dentist but I find it a pleasurable experience. I have and will continue to refer friends, family and anyone who needs a dentist to Dr. Todd's office.


"I might add that her entire staff is just great."

Dr. Barbara Todd has been my dentist since 1989, though it is a commute for me from Conway, it is well worth the trip. Dr. Barbara is just the best dentist both professionally and also as a dear friend. She has done everything to save my teeth and also has dealt with my medical problems. I might add that her entire staff is just great.

-Eileen Dowd